Nu World LED Light Panel FRAMELESS 24" X 36"

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Our LED Light panels are constructed from high-end components including optic acrylic and top end LED light engines from Toyoda Gosei, Lumimicro, Samsung and Epistar. Each panel is thermally managed with integrated heat sinks to maximize the life span of the LEDs
The frameless LED panels are the most versatile LED Panels on the market and can be built in sizes ranging from 3”x3” to 48”x96” 
LED Chip Manufacturer  -  Toyoda Gosei, Lumimicro, Samsung
Input Voltage  -  12 Volt DC 
Power Consumption  - 0.25 Watts/LED 
Configuration  -  Standard = 18 LEDs per ft
Electrical Connection  -  2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel connector Polarity:Center Positive
Wiring  -  Wire Size: 20 AWG Connector:
All panels must be connected parallel “home-run” to PSU (Power Supply Unit)
Colors available -White: 2600K, 2800K, 3100K, 3400K, 4100K, 5300K, 6500K,Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
Certifications  -  cRUus , CE, ROHS, cULus
Download the Specifications - HERE 

Download the Brochure - HERE